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We help with any and all matters related to immigration and naturalization.

Including but not limited to:

Deportation Defense

Idalis Perez, P.A. Immigration Law Firm represents lawful permanent residents in deportation hearings. We can also assist with waivers and appeals in courts nationwide. If you need representation in removal proceedings, give us a call to discuss your case with our attorney, Idalis Perez.

Student / Employment Visa

In order to study and work in the U.S., you must have a student or employment visa. A visa is for a pre-determined period of time and involves the sponsorship of a U.S. employer or educational institution. Idalis Perez, P.A. Immigration Law Firm works with you and your employer or school to petition for your Visa within the U.S.

Citizenship / Naturalization

If you are seeking U.S. Citizenship or Naturalization for yourself, or other loved one, then we may be able to help you. As a law firm that specializes in immigration, we are familiar with the provisions of law for various countries, including Cuba, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and El Salvador. We are always glad to meet with you to discuss your case to determine the best course of action for you.

Human Trafficking

Have you or your loved one become a victim of human trafficking? Protect your rights with Idalis Perez We represent you with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCICS). USCICS is the government body that oversees permanent resident immigration in the U.S. If you've been a victim of forced labor, drug trafficking, prostitution, or any other criminal act then give us a call to meet with us.

Family Immigration

Seeking to bring your spouse, minor child, or other relative to the U.S. these days can prove quite challenging. That is why it's important to get an attorney with experience in family immigration. We work with you to ensure you follow the U.S. Immigration Law to bring your family members to the U.S.

Criminal Waiver

If you are a lawful permanent resident and have been convicted of a criminal act, you could face deportation. We represent individuals in removal proceedings. Idalis Perez can determine the best course of action for your defense or any other relief from removal.


If you watch or read the news, chances are you've heard the term Dreamers. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (or Dreamers) pertains to immigrants who arrived in the U.S. as minors, and who entered or remained illegally. DACA enabled Dreamers to receive a 2-year deferment from deportation and to be eligible for a work permit. If your work permit will expire soon, meet with Idalis Perez Immigration law firm to discuss a renewal application.

Provisional Waivers

How do you know if you qualify for a provisional unlawful presence waiver? Idalis Perez will be glad to meet with you to discuss the specifics of your case. We will review every aspect to determine if you or immediate relatives (such as spouse, children, or parents) are eligible to apply for a waiver before leaving the U.S. for a consular interview.

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